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About Us

Welcome to AA Safety and Workwear – Personal and Industrial Clothing and Safety Equipment Supplier

AA Safety and Workwear embrace a simple philosophy: to offer the best products - where possible Australian Made - at a competitive price coupled with the ultimate in customer service. We make sure that you will be far satisfied with the safety equipment supplies we provide. Safety workwear and clothing that are made from superior materials that can stand up the rigors of everyday use is what we offer.

Why Good Safety Equipment and Workwear are important?

Having safety equipments, personal protective equipment and other workplace safety equipment is as vital as having good workers to operate the business. The desire of protecting your employees and promoting their safety will reflect to the name of your company and to its productivity.

Appropriate safety equipment should be made available at all times and it goes without saying that where a job is dangerous. Having the proper necessary safety equipment supplies can noticeably diminish the number of injuries and accidents at workplace. Thus yielding to increase in work performance and productivity leading to the success you are aspiring for.

What are AA Safety and Workwear product range

Whatever industry you are into, be it construction, industrial, chemical handling, road works or factory processes, our shop can provide your safety equipment needs comprising products from head to toe. The range of safety workwear we offer make sure we have what you are looking for – overalls, drill shorts, pants and shirts for all body types. If you are looking for an online safety clothing store, then you can never go wrong with our company since we supply workwear that is capable of doing its job at the same time having the ‘edge’. We have wide selection of Highvis clothing that can give you the guarantee of being seen in low visibility places. Moreover, these high visibility safety clothing are stylish that can be worn without worrying how you look. We also offer numerous industrial protective clothing including welders’ jacket, apron, cap, leather spats, etc.

Protecting any part of your body should not be compromised when at work, that is why we offer you variety of discount safety wear for any type of industry. Our wide array of hard hats comes in different styles such as visors, hard hat brim, vented hard hats, etc. Just like hard hats, safety glasses and goggles are also important equipments in promoting safety especially when exposed to chemicals and welding. Respiratory masks and hearing protection safety equipments also belongs to the standard protective workwear.

Safety gloves and boots are some of the other types of safety gear necessary for all industries and job requirements. We have extensive range of safety gloves of very good quality to protect your hands from injurious chemicals, electrical shock, abrasive materials, etc. Our safety boots and footwear ranges from non-slip boots ones to steel toe providing utmost safety and protection.

Whether you are working in a construction site or factory, our selection of workplace safety equipment is designed to suit your industrial clothing needs. Included in our safety equipment supplies are all types of safety signs and barriers. Furthermore, we also provide products such as first aid kits to complete your safety equipments.

We are a one stop shop that offers embroidery for your online safety workwear purchases and other types of printing as well. Choosing the best products for safety equipment supplies can be daunting, but you don’t have to worry because you can rely to AA Safety and Workwear, a most recognised supplier of all your workplace safety equipment needs.